We are diving in!

Hello all! So sorry it has been silent on our end, but we are alive and kicking!

Where to start . . . . . I am now leading worship at church as well as heading up the audio video for the services! This is week 3 in leading worship, and it is going well so far!

I haven’t actually sang (without being goofy) in front of people since high school (9 years ago!) so I was definitely nervous the first week.  I am gradually getting more and more comfortable in the role, and really enjoying it.

Manda is my right hand gal in organizing the schedules for the sound board and overhead (as well as everything else in my life!)

My sister and bro-inlaw (jojo and josh) had Haniah about 5 weeks ago, and she is growing each and every day! We were blessed to be able to have a mini-fun photo shoot with them. Now, I’m no Mondo Scott, but we had a lot of fun playing photographer:)

Sorry this post is so random, I am just trying to catch us all up to speed. I’d like to eventually get this updated with actual info every week (even if its boring:) )

We are still missing each and everyone of you in California, and know that we are praying for you constantly!

PA hasn’t kicked us out yet, and we are planting ourselves even deeper here and the community. We have been playing spike ball off and on at the park. I’ve had a dream a couple times where strangers asked about the game and we eventually started a league. How awesome would that be!?

Alrighty, that’s all I have for now. How is everyone doing out there on the other side of this blog?

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Kicking Against the Goads

Then he fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?”And he said, “Who are You, Lord?” Then the Lord said, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.It is hard for you to kick against the goads.”

Acts 9:5 NKJV

I was kicking against the goads. The transition of moving home from California hasn’t been completely easy. Some things are easy, like hanging out with family and watching lightning bugs, but I was really dragging my feet. Even though I know The Lord told us to move home, I wasn’t a willing and cheerful servant. I was in mourning, I was dwelling on all that I thought I’d lost. Again I had put my hope in a place rather than God. Four years ago when Luke moved to California I began looking at it like a place of hope. I saw it as a new beginning, a place of fellowship where people were hungry for The Lord. Of course this is all true, California was a place of great fellowship for us and being there filled my soul and taught me so much about God. It was the first home I’d ever shared with my husband. It was new to both of us and it’s where we cleaved from our families and became one. I still tear up thinking about all the things we learned, all the people who blessed us and all the trials we overcame. However, I realized that I was clinging to the past, I was feeling sorry for myself and all that I had lost. I really didn’t want to leave. I don’t think I can explain how much California and the people of Cornerstone Moorpark mean to me. In so many ways it was my home and family. I know moving home to do God’s will was the right thing and finally I am letting go of California. It’s sad but necessary. Otherwise my selfishness and self pity will inhibit the work The Lord wants to do here in Pennsylvania. To quote David Crowder Band “Letting go gives a better grip”

[Written June 18, 2013] I first realized all this when I was reading for the ladies book club at church. We are reading The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers. I realized that I moved home because God said so. I moved close to the church because it’s what God wanted. However, I haven’t been very happy about it. At times I’ve even blamed Luke just like Sierra (the main character) blamed her husband Alex. Instead of fighting this new life and feeling sorry for myself, I need to embrace it and be open to all the wonderful things God has for me here. I think it was okay for me to mourn California but as much as it hurts to leave, I need to stop and pull myself together. I can’t wallow any longer. I need to get moving, doing the Lord’s work. Feeling sorry for myself will accomplish nothing except the hardening of my heart.

The mourning period is over. Now I’m ready and willing to do the work.


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We Made It!

Hello all! This is just a little update to let you know that we made it to Pennsylvania!

We left Friday evening and stopped by our favorite restaurant (Kiku) because one of the employees asked us to come one last time:) I think this means we were officially “regulars”! Anyways, we arrived and ordered our usual, and they didn’t charge us for it because it was our last time as Californians.

After eating and then getting stuck in traffic, we were officially on the road by 8:00PM. We then proceeded to drive (as well as stop for food, potty breaks, gas, and air in the tires) through the night until 4:00 PM the next day! Our plan was for one person to drive and one person to sleep, and then we were going to switch. The only problem was that we were both too emotional  to actually sleep, so by 4:00 without sleep, we hit a wall and neither of us were able to drive.

We stopped in a random shady town in New Mexico where the KFC blasts rap music and the cellphones didn’t get any signal! We basically napped until 7 PM, had dinner, and then went back to bed until we left the next morning at 7AM with 23 hours left to go on our trip!

We drove from 7 AM and then stopped for dinner at 8PM. We had the wonderful breakfast food of Bob Evans (down on the farm!) and needed to decide if we would continue to drive or stop for the night! Google Maps said that we would arrive home at 11 AM if we drove through the night. We decided that Manda would drive until we arrived in St. Louis at Midnight, and then we would most likely stop at a hotel for the night because we would still have 11 hours left on our trip. Once midnight hit, I got a second wind (courtesy of 2 Red Bulls) and decided I would drive a little longer. Next thing I knew, it was 8 in the morning and we were almost home! I then casually woke Manda up and asked her if she could finish the race so we didn’t have to stop somewhere and rest. She obliged after some breakfast food persuasion, and we arrived right on schedule at 11:30 am Monday morning!

We are still recovering from our 30 and 29 hour days, but are excited to be here in PA! Its definitely a culture shock with people, stores (no Target!), and not having a routine or a schedule. It is great to be reunited with our family, and we are excited to see what God has in store for Grace in the Wilderness Fellowship as well as the entire area of Mercer County.

This next chapter of our life has just begun and we are excited to have you all along for the ride! Thank you for the prayers, thoughts, and the funny pictures you sent us along the boring drive! And to think . . . we get to drive it again in about a month!

Here are some pictures from the road trip:

super packed car   Sunsetthe open road   IMG_4956  No Sleep Manda  plains nothing Texas our plea to instagram for funny pictures  state line! IMG_5001 beauty sleep early morning driving stuck in traffic with no sleep! welcomed to PA with rainpacked car

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The Test Run

Test Run Packing

It’s hard to believe that we are moving in 3 days!

We have downsized everything that we own to what hopefully will fit in our two cars. We are going to take Manda’s car home first, fly out at the end of May for an amazing wedding, and then drive my car back to PA.

Even though we have downsized a lot, we aren’t fully sure if everything is going to fit in the 2 trips. Manda’s car is tiny and my car is a 2-door.

We went to storage last night to give away our last two items (book shelf and desk) and to do a test run of packing the back seat like a sardine can. We still have to be able to fit my work computer, home computer, and other stuff from our room that we are still using.

The test run was successful, and we were able to fit all of our Tupperware in the back seat. We unpacked the car and placed everything back in storage.

The test run is complete. The real move is on Friday night. God willing, we can fit a lot of the load in Manda’s car and have two stress-free cross-country drives:)

Please pray for safety, wisdom on where to drive and how long to drive, and the memories that we are going to be able to make on these trips.

Love you guys!

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A lot has happened this past year!

A lot has happened this past year!

To say that we have been absent from our blog is to say the least . . . but we promise, we plan to update you on our journey in life from here on out . . . once we get a few more things situated:)

Stay tuned . . .

Love you guys!

The Marzanos

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Christmas 2012

Untitled-2Untitled-1w  Untitled-1  Santa FeetSanta OutSanta WOAHSANTA YAY    Santa COOL IMG_0172 IMG_0171 IMG_0159 IMG_0156 IMG_0150 IMG_0148 IMG_0143 IMG_0081 IMG_0060 IMG_0050 copy IMG_0048 IMG_0032 copy IMG_0028 copy IMG_0020 copy IMG_0018 IMG_0015 copy IMG_0013 copy 1

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quick update

It’s been so long since we’ve blogged!!! Oh my goodness! Ok so here is a quick update:

Luke has been at his job for 2 years now (doing awesome, he’s a rockstar in my mind) and he is going to a conference for the company next week. He is very excited to meet with customers in person, you all know what a people person he is:)

We had a roommate for a couple months, August to the beginning of October. It was fun and crazy:) Since our roommate’s departure we are looking into moving to a new place. We think a cheaper lease and only one bedroom would be better for us right now.

I received good news from my advisor (drum roll please!); I do not have to take the 1 credit Genetics Lab that has been standing between me and student teaching! Wahoooo! One step closer to graduating! Praise God!

Also, I have been teaching PE at a private Christian school for K-5 and being a teacher’s aid. It is so amazing! The job is very challenging and I’m learning so much! I’m so grateful to God for this opportunity and for throwing me in the water before I have to student teach (which I used to be very nervous about).

I think that’s all for now. We are focused on making a decision about where to live by the end of the month and then we will be preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I’m so excited:) Hope all is well with all of you!


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Back to the 80’s

Hey everyone! Just thought I would give you a quick update since we have completely forgotten about this baby . . . . but we went to an 80’s party this weekend, and thought we would share some pictures with you:)

Note: Manda was able to make a full outfit from the 80’s out of her closet which gives you a glimpse of her style ;)  I had to go to Goodwill to get mine:)



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how to deal with stupid stuff

If you guys remember I was having some trouble getting into classes and receiving financial aid, but the Lord has been faithful as always. I was able to add all 3 classes that I needed and receive financial aid, more than enough. This is such a blessing because I still need to finish up a lab or two this summer (extra loan money will be used) and we have just had car repairs so that extra money has already served a purpose.

Speaking of the car repairs, Luke and I still don’t know how to be adults fully. We tend to panic and not know what decisions to make. This panicking turns out somewhat humorous but in the moment can be frustrating. For example, the mechanic let us take my car last night so we’d both have one today and I would swing by and pay him today and get my key. Well this morning Luke left for work with the spare key to my car. I didn’t realize this until I got in my car and tried to start it. So now I am not going to class and waiting for Luke to come home on his lunch and bring me the key. Then I can go pay the mechanic and go to work.

Stuff like this is what gets us worked up and it’s just us being stupid or other things being stupid. Our struggle now is how to let these things not get us so worked up and let them just roll off our backs (check out stonepile blog to see how we’re trying/learning these things).

I’m seeing today as a blessing because it is giving me time to take care of the apartment and study for upcoming exams. Also, allowing me to slow down and focus more on the Lord through out the day.

Not much else to update you on. Luke’s been doing videos regularly as you’ve probably seen. My tutoring job keeps me challenged which is good. It is a great experience to work one on one with students and I’m really grateful for the opportunity.

Oh something exciting and fun, we are planning to take a trip with another couple to San Francisco in a couple of weeks. We are excited because they know the area and can show us around. We are going to be seeing an art show but not sure what else yet. So look out for that and I’ll be sure to post some pictures!

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check out youtube

Happy New Year!

Wow! 2010 went really fast! Can you believe that it was only last Christmas Eve that Luke and I got engaged and then were married in July! Not to mention all the things that happened in between!

Luke and I are very excited for 2011. Our primary goal is to be more disciplined, in everything. First and foremost in our obedience to God in all areas of our life; our time, our finances, our health, etc. All of this belongs to God and He is the one who gives and allows all of what we have. We are striving to be good servants of God and to put others first and serve them with our time and resources. It is difficult because we get so wrapped up in our own little struggles and worries, but we are not to worry! God provides for all that we need!

Alright so that’s an overview of our plan for the new year, but if you want to see what we have been up to recently check out our videos on these youtube channels:




Hope you enjoy our videos!

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